Biscuits and bonbons with your own photo, logo or text

Your photo or your logo in color on a biscuit or bonbon? Is that possible! Sure. Chocoloco has the latest food printers with which we can print your photo or logo razor-sharp on a cookie or bonbon.

So do you want that nice holiday photo on a cookie? Dad on a bonbon for Father's Day? Do you have a dull meeting that could use some Chocoloco? Do you want to surprise your date with your head on a bonbon or do you have a clothing brand and do you want pictures of your entire collection on a cookie. Which can.
You can upload a photo or a logo via our shop. We do the rest. It's that simple. Personalized the way you want. Where are you going to use our photo and logo biscuits and bonbons? For more information you can email to or start designing right away!

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