Just born and already to eat! 

That was on the birth certificate. That to eat, of course, referred to the girl who had just been born. The chocolate was added to make it extra loco. Of course, we didn't know then that this same birth announcement would make for the nicest chocolate company in the Netherlands. Now, almost 23 years later, we look back with pride on what we have already done with chocolate; we made the largest chocolate letter in the world. Purveyor to the Walt Disney Musicals. We made blue chocolate elephants, we delivered the largest and heaviest chocolate letter in the world for KPN Rotterdam, 60,000 chocolate remote controls and sent to just as many addresses. Hundreds of thousands of chocolate products delivered to hundreds of companies and still counting
About three years ago we started our loco biscuits line together with a few pastry chefs. And what started with a few cookies in the kitchen has now grown into a serious branch within our company. The private market in particular knows how to find us for births, marriages, birthdays, births and much more.

So whether you want 10 cookies or 60,000 purple chocolate dolls packed in a personalized box. We can do it all. Do you want to surprise or thank a family member, a friend, all your employees or customers? That's possible. Together with Chocolate!

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NB; by Thursday 6 Our pastry shop is closed until Tuesday 18 June. Orders placed in the days before June 6 will be no later than June 6 made and sent. All order from June 6 will be sent on Thursday 20 June.

Our standard will apply again from Tuesday 18 June; All cookie orders will be shipped within 2-4 working days. The delivery time for the chocolate products is always in consultation.

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