Valentine's Day

The favorite day of our patisserie department! Not because of the crowds, because they are often happy when this day is over, but especially because of the texts on and with the cookies! 

Of course we cannot repeat these texts here, after all we have the Chocoloco Valentine's Day Professional Secret, but that we have creative love customers that is clear every year! 

Do you want to surprise your loved one? We have prepared some beautiful Chocoloco specials in our shop.

First of all our Valentine's Day cookie packages. Heart-shaped cookies in sweet love colors completely personalized with a text specified by you. The Chocoloco biodegradable cardboard love cups with the most delicious solid and filled heart bonbons made from the best Belgian top chocolate. All items with which you can show off and of course all carefully and beautifully packed for your (secret) love!

For all chocolocolove questions you can visit or call the Chocolovephone 020-6790600


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NB; by Thursday 6 Our pastry shop is closed until Tuesday 18 June. Orders placed in the days before June 6 will be no later than June 6 made and sent. All order from June 6 will be sent on Thursday 20 June.

Our standard will apply again from Tuesday 18 June; All cookie orders will be shipped within 2-4 working days. The delivery time for the chocolate products is always in consultation.

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