Whether you turn 1, 23 or 80. We have a nice cookie or chocolate for every birthday. Very cute cloud cookies, number cookies with your own name in any color, heart shaped cookies, rainbow cookies and so on. 

And all personalized. In three steps you design your own birthday cookie and if you want, we pack them all separately for free so that you can easily treat and hand them out. Or how about a box of bonbons or cookies with a photo of the birthday person on it. With our new food printers we make your birthday present even more personal. All birthday cookies and chocolate can be found in our online cookie and chocolate shop

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NB; by Saturday 8 up to and including Tuesday June 18 our pastry shop is closed. Orders placed in the days before June 8 will be made and sent no later than June 7. All orders from June 7 will be shipped on Thursday June 20.

Our standard will apply again from Tuesday 18 June; All cookie orders will be shipped within 2-4 working days. The delivery time for the chocolate products is always in consultation

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